Reveal your Personal Brand to increase your visibility and success in business! 

 I'm Sophie Sharon,
Personal Branding Consultant and Coach.

I help entrepreneurs and professionals develop their Personal Brand to stand out in the market and increase their visibility, so that they can thrive in their activities.
Work with me
     Personal Branding consulting & Coaching

"Personal branding" is the art of using one's authenticity, personality and image as a “brand” to stand out in the world, in the eyes of customers, in the market or in the crowd.

As a Personal Branding counseller, I will help you reveal your authenticity, your unique strenghts and your image to become more visible in front of your customers and the market, so that you can achieve more success in your activities.

With my unique methodology combining counselling and coaching, you will strengthen your goals and vision for your business and find the resources to achieve your ambitions and your desired level in business.

Schedule a free 30 min online consultation with me to see how I can help you increase your visibility and success in your business.

[Before working with Sophie]
I couldn't get ready in the morning,
I didn't know what to wear.
I was feeling unconfident and uncomfortable with myself.

[Sophie is] an open person, very easy and comfortable to work with.

The services [she has] performed gave more visibility on the situation and showed me the way to solve the problems.

The advices [she] gaved are all very interesting and valuable.
Anna, Brussels
[Before working with Sophie]
I had a lot of hesitation when choosing clothes. I don't like to shop for clothes so it was a real constraint to buy clothes.

[Sophie] listened to my different requests to understand my needs and respond at the best.
This was the case because today, I have a guide to help me with my clothing purchases.

I see a real change.
I feel more confident to try clothes because now most of my choice will be in agreement with my body shape.
Rocio, Paris

Skype : Sophie SHARON

Location : Brussels (Belgium)